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Thamert Orthoflex Wrist Support

  Orthoflex Wrist Support by Thamert.  

Effective treatment for supporting the wrist after cast removal, sprained or painful wrists, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, radial nerve palsy, weakened joint after injury, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Allows full dexterity of the fingers and thumb, yet limits wrist flexion.

  • Combines the therapeutic requirements for effective support with a comfortable fit.

  • Available in Short or Longer length for greater wrist control and increased immobilization.

  • Easily applied with rounded off Loop and lock closure for easy adjustment and neat appearance.

  • Integral, wide aluminum splint which can be removed for individual adjustment.

  • Available in blue/white or solid black.



Sizing for the Orthoflex Wrist Brace by Thamert
Size Wrist
Item # Short
Left Wrist
Item # Long
Left Wrist
Item # Short
Right Wrist
Item # Long
Right Wrist
X-Small 4" - 5" TH-49-300-XS-L-S-* TH-49-310-XS-L-L-* TH-49-300-XS-R-S-* TH-49-310-XS-R-L-*
Small 5" - 6" TH-49-300-SM-L-S-* TH-49-310-SM-L-L-* TH-49-300-SM-R-S-* TH-49-310-SM-R-L-*
Medium 6" - 7" TH-49-300-MD-L-S-* TH-49-310-MD-L-L-* TH-49-300-MD-R-S-* TH-49-310-MD-R-L-*
Large 7" - 8" TH-49-300-LG-L-S-* TH-49-310-LG-L-L-* TH-49-300-LG-R-S-* TH-49-310-LG-R-L-*
X-Large Over 8" TH-49-300-XL-L-S-* TH-49-310-XL-L-L-* TH-49-300-XL-R-S-* TH-49-310-XL-R-L-*

* Denotes BW for Blue/White color or BK for Black Color

$27.95 - Short

$31.95 - Long

This item is special order ships after 4 weeks. - Please call to order

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