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Effective Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Allows for full use of fingers, and helps prevent wrist movements that can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  Carpal Tunnel Glove.  
Thermoskin® Carpal Tunnel Glove
  Carpal Tunnel Glove, Palmar View.  

Comfortable, Firm Support for Weak, Injured or Aching Wrists. Helps Prevent and Provide Relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Allows for Full Use of Fingers. Added Benefit of Heat Therapy. Relieves Pain and Inflammation. Anatomically Conforming Fit.

Helps Prevent Wrist Movements that can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Glove offers the added benefit of heat therapy. Only Thermoskin Thermal Supports have been clinically proven to increase subcutaneous skin temperature 2-3°F for the optimal level of heat therapy. Thermoskin’s patented.

Added Benefit of Heat Therapy
Trioxon® lining creates a microclimate that maintains elevated skin temperature while still allowing the skin to ventilate for long-term user comfort. The spiral structure of the Trioxon lining lifts moisture away from the skin and traps air within the lining to help prevent excessive perspiration. In a recent study Thermoskin Thermal Supports provided “Considerable Relief” or “Total Relief” of pain in 83% of patients.



Sizing for the Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Glove
Measure around the circumference of the hand around the knuckle.
Fits Left or Right Foot
Size Wrist Circumference Item# Left Item# Right
X-Small 6" - 6¾" S-THR-82197 S-THR-82198
Small 7" - 7¾" S-THR-83197 S-THR-83198
Medium 8" - 9" S-THR-84197 S-THR-84198
Large 9¼" - 10½" S-THR-85197 S-THR-85198
X-Large 10¾" - 11½" S-THR-86197 S-THR-86198
XX-Large 11¾" + S-THR-87197 S-THR-87198

$31.95 Each


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