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SILOPAD™ Gel-E-Roll™ Elastic Gel Bandage

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  An elastic bandage coated with SiliposŪ proprietary gel to protect the skin from friction, abrasion and pressure.  The Gel Bandage is so soft and elastic which allow it to conform comfortably around any bony prominence and may be cut without fraying the bandage.  The medical grade mineral oil released from the gel onto the skin also helps to soften dry skin and to reduce scar tissue by improving the mobility and elasticity of the skin after scarring.  This product is dermatologist-tested, hypo-allergenic, washable and reusable.

Gel-E-Roll Elastic Gel Bandage is ideal for contusions and sprains and can be used for edema control, cold therapy, and bursa problems.  It also helps reduce muscle strains or arthritic pain and control swelling at the elbow.

Gel-E-Roll™ Elastic Gel Bandage

Description / Size

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4" x 48"
(10cm x 122cm)


1 Roll

Price $22.95


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