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Silipos® Soft Sock™ for Diabetic Foot

The Solution for Diabetic, Rheumatoid and Insensitive Feet. The Silipos® Soft Sock™ is a two-layer sock carefully designed with a proprietary gel pad molded in between the two fabric layers at the sole to absorb and reduce friction, abrasion, shear forces, and moisture away from the foot.

  Soft Sock by Silipos  
  It is recommended for the diabetic, rheumatoid or insensitive foot by giving the foot extra absorption of pressure and friction while the gel is not in direct contact with the skin. Product can also be used as a soft tissue supplement to fat pad atrophy.  This product is also unique in that it is fully hand-washable and reusable. Bottom of sock has a 1/4” solid gel bottom to help reduce callus formation and to prevent pressure ulcers.
Silipos SoftSock Foot Support Features:
  • A double layer sock with a 1/4" (6mm) gel insole between the layers.

  • For any condition that requires a soft, friction absorbing foot bed.

  • Indicated for neuropathic & rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

  • Fluid like nature of the gel massages the foot while walking
    Reduces skeletal shock on heel strike.

  • Servers as a soft tissue supplement for fat pad atrophy.

  • One Pair Per Pack.




Silipos® Soft Sock™

Description / Size

Sock Size

Qty / package

Item #


7 - 9

1 pair



9 - 11

1 pair



10 - 13

1 pair



13 - 16

1 pair


Price $69.95 / Pair


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