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J-Lat Knee Support by PRO-TEC®

  J-Lat knee support helps guide patella into its proper femoral groove.  

Medical Application:
J-Lat improves patellar tracking in cases of lateral patella subluxation and dislocation.

How It Works:

Pro-Tec Athletics' J-Lat Knee Support helps guide the patella back into proper alignment with gentle pressure from the lateral to medial direction. Compression surrounding the patella will help keep it in the patella-femoral groove.

Design Theory Behind the J-Lat Knee Support:

The J-Lat provides lateral tracking control by means of two elastic straps. These straps stretch over J shaped tubing and help guide patella into its proper femoral groove.

Sizing for the J-Lat Knee Support by Pro-Tec®
(circumference measured 3 inches above the knee cap)
(specify left or right knee)
Size Measurement Left Version # Right Version #
Small 13" - 14˝" PT-8000-L PT-8000-R
Medium 14˝" - 16" PT-8001-L PT-8001-R
Large 16" - 18" PT-8002-L PT-8002-R
X-Large 18" - 20" PT-8003-L PT-8003-R

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