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Palumbo Universal Knee Brace with Stays

The Palumbo Universal Knee Brace with Stays offers the same features as the other Universals with the addition of spiral stays to provide a measure of varus-valgus support.

  Palumbo Universal Knee Brace with Stays.  
  • Easy to apply and use, with seven standard sizes and accommodative Vel-Stretch straps for near custom fit and comfort.

  • Improves patellar tracking and reduces tensile stresses on the patellar tendon and ligaments.

  • Useful in post-op management for support or in the prevention and treatment of chondromalacia and patellar tendonitis.

  • Diminishes stress at the patellofemoral joint through compression of the quadriceps mass and patellar ligament while providing compression and support to the knee.

Sizing for Palumbo Universal Knee Brace with Stays
Size Measurement
3 inches above Patella
3 inches below Patella
Item #
Item #
X-Small 10" -  11" 8" - 10" PAL-121-BLU-1 PAL-121-TAN-1
Small 11" -13" 10" - 11" PAL-121-BLU-2 PAL-121-TAN-2
Med Small 13" - 15" 11" - 13" PAL-121-BLU-3 PAL-121-TAN-3
Medium 15" - 17" 13" - 14" PAL-121-BLU-4 PAL-121-TAN-4
Med Large 17" -19" 14" - 16" PAL-121-BLU-5 PAL-121-TAN-5
Large 19" - 21" 16" - 17" PAL-121-BLU-6 PAL-121-TAN-6
X-Large 21" - 23" 17" - 19" PAL-121-BLU-7 PAL-121-TAN-7

Price $65.95


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