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Rheuma Thumb Support by Otto Bock

  Rheuma Thumb Support by Otto Bock.  
  The rheuma thumb support is designed to provide good support of the thenar muscle (body of muscle on palm of hand just below the thumb). It is made of a special, comfortable material that breathes and utilizes adjustable hook and loop closure over the thumb and wrist. This thumb support has a flexible spring to stabilize the CMC and MCP joints.

Indications: Osteoarthroses, arthritis, ligament injuries to the CMC or MCP joint, mild hyperextension problems.


Application Instructions for the Rheuma Thumb Support

  Application of the Rheuma Thumb Support.  
  • 1. Close the thumb strap, then slide the support on the thumb, covering the whole thumb.
  • 2. Tighten the wrist strap by pulling it down 45, then back up around the base of the thumb, and then attach.
  • 3. If necessary, tighten the thumb strap more to provide better support over the thenar muscle.
  • 4. Adjust the spring if needed, accessible through the open pocket in the lower end.

Washing Instructions: Remove the spring and close hook and loop before washing. Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Let air dry.


Sizing for the Rheuma Thumb Support by Otto Bock.
Measurement taken around the wrist.
Size Measurement Item # Left Thumb Item # Right Thumb
X-Small 5" - 5" OB-4026-XS-L OB-4026-XS-R
Small 5" - 6" OB-4026-S-L OB-4026-S-R
Medium 6" - 7" OB-4026-M-L OB-4026-M-R
Large 7" - 7" OB-4026-L-L OB-4026-L-R
X-Large 7" - 8" OB-4026-XL-L OB-4026-XL-R

Price $30.95


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