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Hyper-Ex Elbow Support
by Otto Bock

  Hyper-Ex Elbow Support by Otto Bock  

Designed to Prevent Hyperextension.

The Hyper-Ex stable elbow support, made of 1/8" Thermoprene™ with polycentric aluminum/steel joints, is designed to prevent hyperextension. Two non-elastic straps are attached in front of the elbow crease. They can be adjusted by hook and loop to give individual hyperextension support. The splint is fully covered and ready to wear.

Ligament injuries in the elbow joint, instabilities or hyperextension.


Instructions For Hyper-Ex Elbow Support:

1. Apply the brace by sliding it up over the elbow. Place the middle of the support over the elbow joint so that the support can be flexed and extended easily.
2. Adjust strap A and B. These straps keep the hinge arms parallel when extending the arm. Don't overtighten! Make sure the hinges remain parallel.
3. Adjust the X-Straps. The tighter you adjust them, the more support you will get in hyperextension.
4. Finally, tighten strap C around the upper arm. Don't overtighten! The hinges can be adjusted individually to the arm if needed, using a bending tool.
Washing Instructions:
Remove the hinges and close hook and loop before washing. Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Let air dry.
Note: If the patient is allergic to latex, please consult a physician before use.


Hyper-Ex Elbow Support Sizing
Elbow Circumference Taken 1" Below Elbow Joint (Fits Left or Right)
Size Elbow Circumference Item#
X-Large 13"-14" OB-3005-XL

Price $64.95



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