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Vector Abducted Shoulder Sling

  Vector Abducted Shoulder Sling.  
Great choice for offering stability to the shoulder.

Offers superior comfort and stability for the shoulder while providing immobilization. Allows 15 degrees of abduction and is one of the most effective and comfortable supports on the market today.

  • Rotator cuff repairs

  • Capsular shifts

  • Bankhart repairs

  • Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation

Vector Abducted Shoulder Sling Sizing
Measure from olecranon process to 5th MP joint
(Point of elbow to the 1st joint on pinky finger).
Size Measurement Item # Left Shoulder Item # Right Shoulder
Small up to 13" MDSPC-183702 MDSPC-183712
Medium up to 14" MDSPC-183704 MDSPC-183714
Large up to 15" MDSPC-183705 MDSPC-183715

Price $99.95 each


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