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Ryno Lacer Wrist and Thumb Support

  Ryno Wrist and Thumb Support.
Long version is pictured on the left and the short version is pictured on the right.
  Ryno Universal Wrist and Thumb Spica.
Ryno Universal Wrist and Thumb Support
Dorsal stay can easily be removed and reinserted into one of three stay pockets for optimum fit of a wide range of patient sizes. 3 stay stabilization: Radial, palmar, and dorsal stays restrain wrist and thumb motion.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wrist & thumb support: One brace to accommodate many different injuries to the region.

  • Singe pull lace closures: Significantly easier to apply the brace.

  • Malleable aluminum stays: Radial and palmar stays provide superior support to area.

  • Wrap around thumb strap: Provides superior thumb stabilization.

  • Uniform circumferential pressure: Overall better feel and support.

  • Perforated suede: Improves evaporative quality, making it cooler to wear.

  • Polypropylene felt: Wicks moisture away from skin.

  • Stockinette inner sleeve: Feels better against skin.

  • Adjustable thumb strap: Individual adjustment providing a better fit.

  • US manufacturing: Higher quality control standards.

Sizing for the Sized Ryno Lacer Wrist and Thumb Support
Measure Circumference of Wrist
Size Wrist Circumference
X-Small Under 5"
Small 5" - 6"
Medium 6" - 7"
Large 7" - 7"
X-Large 7" - 8"
Left Short Version Item # MDSPC-22388x
Right Short Version Item # MDSPC-22389x
Left Long Version Item # MDSPC-22398x
Right Long Version Item # MDSPC-22399x
Replace (x) with:
1 = X-Small
2 = Small
4 = Medium
5 = Large
6 = X-Large

Short Version Price $29.95 Each
Long Version Price $34.95 Each

Left or Right:

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