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Leg splints for dogs and cats

These Ortho splints are modeled after human splints and have
become increasingly popular for foot and ankle injuries to your pet.
Provide pets mobility with support and comfort.

Product Design

  • Wide range of sizes to cover all breeds of dogs

  • Product has a professional look versus homemade splints

  • Splint allows dog or cat to move about with ease and comfort.

  • Splint can be trimmed down or heated to reshape.

  • Can be custom designed to encourage movement in one or more planes yet limit or restrict movement in others.



Product Advantages

  • Keeps leg in normal walking angle.

  • Allows weight bearing of affected limb.

  • Immobilizes limbs for wound healing, burn therapy and skin grafts

  • Provides extra support for fractures of the lower limb.

  • Provides easy access for daily wound therapy.

  • Lightweight construction increases patient tolerance.

  • Prevents knuckling of lower limbs associated with nerve paralysis.

  • Waterproof allows animals to get them wet if necessary to enhance rehabilitation.

Be sure to specify Front or Rear Leg.
Can be worn on either right or left leg.


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