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Simply Stable Shoulder Stabilizer & Shoulder Harness

Shoulder stabilizer for sports limits abduction, subluxation and rotation.

  Simply Stable Shoulder Stabilizer limits abduction, rotation and protects shoulder from subluxation  

Designed for simplicity, effectiveness and easy use, the Simply Stable Shoulder Stabilizer offers more product for less of your training budget. Unlike other shoulder devices, Simply Stable provides a streamlined uncomplicated design which protects without unnecessary restriction.

Simply Stable's unique strap attaches to the firm base of the athlete's shoulder pads in place of the vests, torso girdles and waist belts found in other devices. With the shoulder pads as a foundation, the SS shoulder stabilizer is able to eliminate the performance limitations and bulkiness often associated with shoulder stabilizers.


The SS Shoulder Stabilizer neoprene strap wraps the upper arm and is secured to the shoulder pads at the front laces.  Simple yet effective, the SS shoulder stabilizer limits abduction and external rotation while helping to protect the shoulder joint from subluxation.  The unique design of the SS system offers support comparable to the other more complex products at a fraction of the cost.


SS Shoulder Stabilizer Application

  Position the SS Shoulder  
  Wrap with the arm internally rotated  
  Secure the SS Shoulder Stabilizer  

Position the SS Shoulder stabilizer neoprene side down, extending from the lateral aspect of the upper arm toward the chest.

With the arm internally rotated, wrap completely around the arm and engage the Velcro™ to secure the strap to the arm.

Secure the SS Shoulder Stabilizer to the shoulder pads utilizing the eyelets in the strap and shoulder pads.

  Simply Stable Shoulder Harness
The Simply Stable Shoulder harness was developed to allow the Simply Stable Shoulder Stabilizer to be used in sports other than football. The SS Shoulder harness provides a light comfortable stabilizing system for non-contact and light contact sports applications. The SS Shoulder harness is designed with a minimum of chest wall restriction and its open design allows for good air circulation and maximum comfort.
  Simply Stable shoulder harness  


Simply Stable Shoulder Sizing - universal design fits right or left
Simply Stable Stabilizer Size Weight Item # Price

Shoulder Pads not included
Large under 200 lbs USMC-A38603

Price $44.95


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X-Large over 200 lbs USMC-A38604
Simply Stable Harness Size Weight Item # Price
Large under 200 lbs USMC-A38613

Price $119.95

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X-Large over 200 lbs USMC-A38614

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