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Simply Stable VOS Valgus Overload Hinged Elbow Brace


The Simply Stable VOS, valgus overload stabilizer elbow brace is designed to help control valgus overload stresses during functional overhead motions. The overhead motions associated with throwing, tennis and volleyball put a tremendous stress on the elbow joint and ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). The unique design of the VOS helps to stabilize the UCL and channel some of this energy through the brace and medial polycentric hinge. The VOS can also be used to provide lateral stabilization.

Simply Stable VOS Elbow Support

  • Polycentric, non-metallic, glass filled nylon hinge for comfortable accurate tracking.
  • Dual, fully enclosed hinge design for safety.
  • Adjustable cruciate straps to help control extension.
  • Upper and lower adjustment straps for a more precise fit.
  • Olecranon opening for improved comfort and more natural range of motion.
  • Uniform compression and natural heat retention.

  Hinged Elbow Support Hinge

The Simply Stable Elbow Stabilizers utilize a new polycentric hinge developed by joint Solutions specifically for the Simply Stable elbows.   The glass filled nylon hinge provides strength and stability in a light weight, low profile design.  The composite structure of the hinge and full padded hinge cover allow the Simply Stable Elbow Stabilizers to be used even in most contact sports.



VOS Elbow Sizing
Measure circumference just below elbow




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