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Thumb Supports by Hely Weber

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  Trimable Thumb Orthosis by Hely Weber

Hely Weber Trimable Thumb.

  • 1/8” Nylon covered neoprene provides heat and compression

  • Wrap around design with built in assist strap for ease of application

  • Fits both the right and left hand

  • Taped seam on thumb can be trimmed at the IP joint

Regular Size Fits Wrist Circumference 4½" - 9½"


Sizing for Trimable Thumb Orthosis by Hely Weber

Size Wrist Circumference Item #
XSmall Under 4.5" HW-3810-BLK-XS
Regular 4½" - 9½" HW-3810-BLK-REG



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  Neoprene Thumb Orthosis With Stay by Hely Weber
Thumb orthosis  
  • Neoprene construction provides an excellent fit of the hand and thumb

  • Supports the MP and CMC joints while allowing full finger motion

  • An excellent resting splint for thumb tendonitis and de Quervain’s Tendinitis

  • Universal size - one size fits all

  • Elasticized straps for comfortable compression

  • Malleable stay offers excellent customization

Fits Wrist Circumference 4½" - 9½"


Sizing for Neoprene Thumb Orthosis with Stay by Hely Weber

Size Wrist Circumference Item #
Universal 4½" - 9½" HW-3813-BLK






Modabber Thumb Orthosis by Hely Weber.
Modabber Thumb Orthosis by Hely Weber

The Modabber Thumb Orthosis is useful in treating the following:

  • Thumb Sprains (Gamekeeper's and Skiers Thumb, Radial Collateral Sprains, or Hyperextension).

  • Osteoarthritis of the 1st CMC (Basal Joint Arthritis).

  • DeQuervains's Tenosynovitis.

  • Edema, Effusion Compression.

  • Trigger and "Throttle Thumb".

Its two interchangeable stays allow varying degrees of restriction. The solid aluminum stay offers the most support or when more movement is desired, the steel spiral stay "springs" the thumb into the desired opposed position. For full mobility, the stays are completely removable. Ideal for treating Basal Joint Arthritis, Throttle Thumb, and thumb tendonitis.


Phomfit WHT Orthosis by Hely Weber.
Phomfit™ WHT Orthosis by Hely Weber
Wrist Hand and Thumb Orthosis. Useful in treatment of de Quervain’s Tendinitis, Gamekeeper Injuries, Scaphoid/Navicular Injuries, and is used for early cast removal.


Boxer's Fracture Splint by Hely Weber.
TKO™ The Knuckle Orthosis
A Metacarpal Fracture Support. Does not allow rotation of the fourth and fifth fingers. Indicated for ligament injuries, including Boxer’s Fracture and other hand fractures of the metacarpals.


Santa Barbara Thumb Splint by Hely Weber.
Santa Barbara Thumb Splint
An ideal thumb support for treating Gamekeeper’s Thumb, Skier’s Thumb, Basal Joint Arthritis, and Thumb Tendonitis. Universal sizing, fits left or right hand.


Titan Thumb Orthosis by Hely Weber.
Titan Thumb Orthosis by Hely Weber
Provides excellent thumb stability and support. This thumb brace remains below the palmar crease and allows finger dexterity while securing the thumb. It is constructed of soft, comfortable orthopedic felt laminated to brush nylon exterior. The adjustable lacing pull fastens with one hand.


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