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Supports for Thigh Injuries, Pulled Hamstrings, Groin Pulls, and Hamstring and Quadriceps Strains

CMO HamLock Ultimate Hamstring Support
Ultimate support for painful hamstring strains. HamLock reduces hamstring pain and strains, facilitating healing and a more rapid return to normal activities.

BioSkin Thigh Support
The thigh Skin gives optimal compression to the quads and hamstrings. Bio Skin's light weight and low profile give the thigh skin distinct advantages.

BioSkin Thigh Support With Strap
The thigh Skin with strap gives more isolated compression for a quad or hamstring pull. The stretchable strap is easily tightened, loosened, or positioned depending on the need.
Thigh Cryo Cuff by Aircast

Thigh CryoCuff
Aircast Cryo/Cuff system applies controlled "safe compression" to minimize hemarthrosis and swelling, and cold to minimize pain. Its simplicity makes it ideal for the ER, post-op, training room and home.

Hely Weber Thigh Sleeve
  • 1/8" neoprene construction provides compression and support

  • Calf support is contoured to fit the calf and provide compression to the shin and calf.

  • Thigh support provides support for thigh and groin injuries.

CMO Thigh Sleeve

This pull-on thigh sleeve has anterior oval pad and contoured fit.
Indications: hamstring and quadricep strains, sprains and pulls.

CMO Thigh Wrap
Contoured thigh wrap is universally sized. Wraps around for ease of use.
Indications: hamstring and quadricep strains, sprains and pulls.
Groin Wrap by McDavid
Groin Strap by McDavid
Adds warmth and compression to upper thigh and hamstrings. Closed cell neoprene retains body heat and promotes healing. Contoured for comfort.
Deluxe Thigh Support by McDavid
Deluxe Thigh Support by McDavid
Reversible thermal neoprene support with nylon facing on both sides, with black color one side and scarlet on the other. Longer support with oval patch for added compression helps reduce muscle strains and pulls.
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