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Arch Rival Orthotic Insoles by Donjoy

  DonJoy Arch Rival Insoles.  

The Arch Rival™ represents DonJoy's first patented pre-fabricated orthotic designed to treat Subtle Cavus Foot by promoting natural foot function, improving stability, adding shock absorption and alleviating pain.

Features and Benefits
  • Patented Technology.

  • Recessed Area under 1st metatarsal head to accommodate the plantar-flexed 1st ray.

  • Elevated Heel to cushion and accommodate excessive heel strike force and tight calf musculature.

  • X-Static Technology: a proven anti-microbial, thermodynamic material that helps to prevent blisters and odor.

  • 7 trimmable sizes that fit in most types of athletic and comfort walking shoes.

  • Soft, comfortable and shock absorbent.

  • 3 month warranty against defects.



Sizing for the Donjoy Arch Rival Orthotic Insoles
Sizes base on US Shoe Sizes
Size Women's Men's Item #
A 4.5 - 6   DJ-2015-1
B 6.5 - 8 5.5 - 7 DJ-2015-2
C 8.5 - 10 7.5 - 9 DJ-2015-3
D 10.5 - 12 9.5 - 11 DJ-2015-4
E 12.5 - 14 11.5 - 13 DJ-2015-5
F 14.5 - 16 13.5 - 15 DJ-2015-6
G   15.5 - 17 DJ-2015-7

Arch Rival Insoles DonJoy
Color Black only
Item# DJ-2015-X


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$59.99 for a pair



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