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DeRoyal Sports Ankle Brace 2

  DSAB Sports Ankle Brace by DeRoyal.
Sports Ankle Brace.
  • For prevention or treatment of acute ankle strains, and sprains.

  • Chronic ankle instability (both medial and lateral).

  • Prophylatic talocrural support.Posterior malleolar "J" buttresses for added compression.

  • Subtalar join sprain.

  • Sydesmosis sprain.


How does the DSAB2 work?
Universal stabilization strap can be directed medial or lateral to the talocrural and subtalar joint. The directional stabilization strap has been shown to be clinically effective in providing external support over the ligament injury site, creating compression and exerting a directional force on the calcaneous into inversion or eversion (depending on the nature of the injury).

For Eversion:
Appropriate stabilization of the lateral ankle and/or subtalar joint sprain can be achieved by directing the strap over the top of the foot, through the longitudual arch and under the calcaneus to force the heel into eversion.

For Inversion:
Place strap over the anterior aspect of the talocrural joint, lateral to the calcaneocuboid joint and under the heel to the medial malleolus. The strap is directed in a lateral to medial direction to invert and compress the subtalar and talocrural joints, resisting ankle eversion and protecting the deltoid ligament.

Features and Benefits
  • Universal stabilization strap forces the ankle into inversion or eversion.

  • Universal left or right.

  • Cuff closure for added support and compression.

  • Lace up design for a snug fit and primary stabilization.

  • Made of durable ntlon for long lasting wear.

  • Low profile design allows use in athletic shoe.



Sizing for DSAB2 (DeRoyal Sport Ankle Brace 2
Measure circumference from the base of the heel around the ankle.

Fits Left or Right Ankle
Size Measurement Item#
X-Small 10" - 11" DRL-156000004
Small 11" - 12" DRL-156000005
Medium 12" - 13" DRL-156000006
Large 13" - 14" DRL-156000007
X-Large 14" - 15" DRL-156000008
XX-Large 15" - 16" DRL-156000009

$41.95 Each


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