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Big Toe Bunion Splint by Corflex

  Bunion Splint: Immobilization and alignment of the hallux.  
  Designed to provide comfortable immobilization and alignment of the hallux. Indicated for post-operative alignment following hallux valgus surgery. Constructed of 1/8" soft foam laminated to flannel lining with movable stay and contact closure.

Application Instructions:

1. Open splint and lay flat on clean surface with metal stay facing down.
2. Place big toe over stay area by small strap.
3. Grasp small strap, wrap around big toe, secure onto material and adjust to desired tightness.
4. Grasp large strap, wrap around foot, attach onto material and adjust to desired tightness.
5. Removable hook strip also included and may be used to further secure foot closure if desired.

Care and Cleaning:

Close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Product should be air-dried, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.


Sizing for Bunion Splint by Corflex
Circumference of foot, measurement taken at widest part of foot.
Size Measurement Item #
Left Foot
Right Foot
Small 9" to 10" CF-61-5337 CF-61-5237
Medium 10" to 11" CF-61-5338 CF-61-5238
Large 11" to 12" CF-61-5339 CF-61-5239
Price $19.95

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