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Loving Comfort® Maternity Support

  Loving Comfort Maternity Support
Maximum comfort for women with moderate symptoms, the Loving Comfort Maternity Support is made from lightweight ventilated elastic that is cool and feather soft to the skin. Comes in attractive retail box. Loving Comfort® Maternity Support is lightweight and easy to wear. It is made from a special elastic that is cool and feather soft to your skin. It fastens quickly with simple Velcro® closures and is designed to grow along with you so you can wear it right through to delivery.

Loving Comfort® Maternity Support supports in a natural way. It lifts and supports your abdomen and transfers the weight evenly and comfortably to your spine ... where nature intended it. It simply adds to your natural support, reducing the strain on your tissues and providing immediate relief. Based on a design used by doctors and therapists for years, Loving Comfort® Maternity Support is now more comfortable and convenient than ever. And because it doesn't show under clothing, your Loving Comfort® Maternity Support will help you look as good as you feel. Available in white only.

  • Relieves pain in back, legs and abdomen.

  • Doesn't show under clothing.

  • Makes you look and feel better.


  1. Putiing the abdominal Support Pad (ASP) On

Place the abdominal support pad (ASP) in a lifting position under the abdomen.  Fasten it in place by strapping its strap around your body and touching the velcro hook to the ASP.

  2. Position the ASP

You want the ASP as low under your abdomen as possible but not so low as to interfere with your legs when you walk or sit.  Slide the ASP up slightly until it doesn't interfere with your legs when lifted as shown.  The ASP is now positioned correctly.

  3. Attaching the Belt

Grip the belt securely at both ends as shown.  Stretch it forward and touch it to the ASP.  You can adjust the tension and support you feel according to the amount you stretch the belt.   To prevent skin irritation, be sure the velcro hook on the ends of the belt is entirely on the ASP and doesn't touch your skin.

  4.  Fasten the Upper Tummy Strap

For an extra sense of security, lightly stretch the tummy strap over and touch it to the velcro loop on the opposite side.  The tummy strap is not essential but many prefer to have it.  The choice to use it or remove it is yours.

  Important Step!
5.   Final Step

Lay on your back with your knees drawn up as shown.  Release the ends of the belt, stretch it again, re-attach it to the ASP, and stand up.  This will lift the abdomen even higher to achieve even grreater relief from sagging weight and leg pain.  Repeat this step each time you put on your Loving Comfort.

  6.  Loving Comfort Grows With Baby

Your Loving Comfort Maternity Support is now in place and you're ready to go!  As you and your baby grow, loving Comfort expands to accommodate by simply fastening further away from the center of the ASP.


Hand wash in cold or warm water with mild detergent. Hand dry.
Take care to cover the Velcro® hook so it doesn't tear
the fabric as you handle it. Do not machine wash or dry.
Pre-pregnancy Dress Size Item #
Small (3-6) CMO-2302
Medium (7-16) CMO-2303
Large (17-20) CMO-2304

$33.95 Each


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