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Cho Pat Patellar Tendon Strap

The Cho Pat knee strap provides many individuals with a marked reduction in the pain and discomfort caused by various knee disorders including chondromalacia patella, Osgood Schlatterís Disease, runnerís and jumperís knee.

  Cho Pat patellar strap  

Cho Pat is easy, simple, comfortable and doesn't hinder activity. It is economical. Cho Pat applies pressure over the patellar tendon.

  • Indicated for chondromalacia
  • Strap does not impede circulation or restrict mobility
  • Strap functions dynamically as knee flexes and extends
  • Easy to apply and adjust
  • Now available in Tan or Black Color


  Cho-Patís Original Knee Strap stabilizes and tightens up on the kneecap mechanism by applying pressure upon the patellar tendon below the kneecap. This compression reduces or eliminates inflammation and helps prevent knees from giving out.  
Cho Pat Knee Strap Sizing
Size Circumference of knee
below patella
Item #
Item #
X-Small less than 10" CP-13 CP-12
Small 10 - 12Ĺ" CP-15 CP-14
Medium 12Ĺ - 14Ĺ" CP-17 CP-16
Large 14Ĺ - 16Ĺ" CP-19 CP-18
X-Large 16Ĺ -18" CP-21 CP-20
XX-Large 18" - 21" CP-22 CP-11

$20.00 Each



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