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Valco® Special Correction Splint for Hallux Valgus by Bort

  Hallux Valgus Big Toe Splint.  
  The human foot has to bear the whole weight of the body every day. Deformations of the basic toe joint due to wrong or excessive load are quite frequent, especially with female patients.

One of the most common clinical pictures is the hallux valgus, a deformation of the big toe in the shape of an X. Shoes that are too narrow, high-heeled or too small do not give the big toe any room for a natural position. It will be pushed to the side, with the ball strongly protruding. If the foot remains constantly in this un-natural position, a permanent deformation will develop. Without correction, the big toe will not be able to return to its natural position any more. The valgus position may then be so marked that in the shoe the big toe will be forced under the neighboring toes. The consequence: Great pain from putting load on and moving the toe which make natural walking and standing impossible.

The BORT Valco® Hallux Valgus splint made of unbreakable ABS plastic material is a conservative therapy in the hallux valgus treatment. It corrects the unnatural X-position of the big toe and straightens it.




Good Ventilation
The toe opening on the BORT Valco is generously padded above and below the big toe.
Application and adjustment of the Valco by Bort.
Optimum Adjustment
Two adjustable velcro fasteners guarantee the right tension. In addition, the white ball bandage can be moved.

Physiologically Correct Position
The anatomical shape of the BORT Valco® gives the basic joint of the big toe the right position for correction.
Features and Benefits of the Valco® Hallux Valgus Splint
  • The anatomically adapted shape of the splint guarantees the physiological correction of the basic joint of the big toe.

  • It affords much comfort thanks to the generously dimensioned foam paddings which safely protect in the critical area of the toe semi-shell and in the ball area.

  • To avoid excessive heat, the splint is provided with a ventilation hole in the toe area.

  • Two adjustable velcro fasteners allow a precise adjustment of the moments of leverage with the splint remaining in the same optimum position.

  • For hallux valgus, post-operative capsule relief.

Sizing for the Valco® Hallux Valgus Splint by BORT
Sizes based on US shoe size

Size Women's Men's Item #
Small 5 - 8 5 BSOS-930-010-S
Medium 9 - 11 6 - 8 BSOS-930-010-M
Large 12 - 14 9 - 13 BSOS-930-010-L
Price $22.95

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