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AchilloStabil® Ankle Support by BORT

  Three-dimensional form-knitted dual-tension elastic bandage.


  • Acute and chronic achillodynia, postoperative (follow-up treatment) after ruptures.

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  Three-dimensional form-knitted dual-tension elastic bandage with especially padded seam.

Features and Benefits:

  • Viscoelastic profile pads at para-achilles area.
  • Compression class II.
  • Pressure relief of achilles tendon and intermittent massage effect for better blood circulation.
  • Pressure reduced edge.
  • Additional relief of achilles tendon by special heel wedge.
  • With heel cushion for non-effected leg to equalize length differences.
  • Colors: beige, silvergrey.
Sizing for the AchilloStabil® Ankle Support by BORT
Fits Left or Right Ankle
Size Measurement Item# Beige Color Item# Silvergrey Color
Small Upto - 8¼" BORT-054-900-BG-SM BORT-054-900-SG-SM
Medium 8¼" - 9" BORT-054-900-BG-MD BORT-054-900-SG-MD
Large 9" - 9¾" BORT-054-900-BG-LG BORT-054-900-SG-LG
XLarge 9¾" - 10" BORT-054-900-BG-XL BORT-054-900-SG-XL

Price $74.95


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