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Nice Stretch™ Night Splint with Sealed Ice™

  Nice Stretch Sealed Ice Night Splint.  
Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of using night splints for treating plantar fasciitis. N’ice Stretch™ was designed to encourage patient compliance with a lightweight and comfortable night splint. Coupling passive stretch capability with cold therapy to reduce inflammation, N’ice Stretch™ provides an improved treatment protocol for patients. Low profile design folds compactly for transportability. Other features include Sealed Ice™ pack for cold therapy to reduce inflammation, toe lift for toe extension and additional stretch, midfoot strap to improve stretch and secure heel in boot and adjustable bilateral straps to provide continuous stretching of soft tissue.
Effective treatment for:
Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Plantar flexion contractures, and Equinus or Tight triceps surae.

Features and Benefits:

    Toe Lift
  • Provides additional toe extension for added stretch
  • Attaches easily with velcro for quick adjustment
    Lower Leg Support
  • Anchors bilateral straps securely
  • Hinges to fold compactly for transportability
    Universal Soft Boot
  • Adjusts easily to accommodate foot size
  • Improves patient compliance due to soft, lightweight materials
    Sealed Ice™ Cold Pack
  • Positions easily with Velcro® fastener to provide cold therapy
  • Enables cold therapy coupled with stretching of soft tissues
    Bilateral Suspension Straps
  • Allows independent bi-plane dorsiflexion adjustment
  • Provides continuous stretching of plantar fascia, Achilles tendon and triceps surae
    Mid-Foot Strap
  • Increases effectiveness of Sealed Ice™ pack against plantar fascia
  • Improves stretching of soft tissue and reinforces effect of suspension straps
    Low Profile Design
  • Limits contraction of soft tissues at night
  • Minimizes chance of bedding entanglement
Sizing for N’ice Stretch™ by Brown Medical
US Shoe Size
Fits Left or Right Foot
Size Women's Shoe Men's Shoe Item#
With Ice
With/Out Ice
Small Up to 5 Up to 4 BMI-51000 BMI-51010
Medium 6 - 9 5 - 8 BMI-51001 BMI-51004
Large 10 - 12 9 - 11 BMI-51002 BMI-51005
X-Large 13 - 15 12 - 14 BMI-51003 BMI-51006

Price $74.00 With/Out Sealed Ice™ pack
Price $78.00 With
Sealed Ice™ pack


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