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Polar CareŽ 500 Cold Therapy System

  Polar Care 500 Cold Therapy Unit.  

The Polar Care 500 unit is the flagship model of BREG's Cold Therapy product line. This unit utilizes a unique in-line thermometer and flow valve allowing the PC 500 to provide accurate temperature control at 45° and above. At 11 quarts, the Polar Care 500 has the largest capacity cooler of any single-patient use, motorized Cold Therapy unit on the market and can provide 8 to 11 hours of continuous-flow cold therapy with each ice change.

Applications include:
  • Post operative use.

  • Immediately following injury or trauma.

  • Before and/or after physical therapy sessions.

  • Athletic cold therapy needs.

  Ankle Polar Wrap.  
  Knee Polar Wrap.  
  Shoulder Polar Wrap.  
Polar Wrap Ankle
Polar Wrap Knee
Size Height
Regular Up to 68"
Large 69" - 74"
X-Large 75" and Up
Polar Wrap Shoulder
Size Fits
Regular Most People
X-Large Larger Individuals

This product has been discontinued
The new item that is similar is the Kodiak



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