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Rib Belt Supports

Rib belts provide stable support to injured ribs, limit chest expansion and help promote healing

  Foam/elastic rib belt
Universal Foam/Elastic
Rib Belt
  • Constructed of soft laminated foam with elastic panels

  • Three flexible anti-roll stays

  • Available in male straight or female contoured versions

  • Available in extra long straight style

  • Hook and loop closure

  comfor rib belts
Comfor™ Universal
Rib Belts
  • Constructed of 6" wide breathable elastic material

  • Male straight or female contoured versions are available

  • Hook and Loop Closure

  • Fits rib measurements of 24"-60"

  Paneled rib belt
Universal Paneled
Rib Belt
  • Constructed of two 3" wide elastic panels

  • Available in male straight or female contoured versions

  • Hook and loop closure

  • Made for rib measurements of 24"-54"

  CMO rib belt
Rib Belt
by CMO

CMO rib belt provides firm support to injured ribs. Highly adjustable design fits all up to 52". 6" elastic is plush on the inside for comfort. Female version is contoured on top for proper fit. Boxed for easy storage.

  elastic binder/back support
Elastic Binder/Back Support

Combination Universal Elastic Binder and Back Support. Multiple purpose support can serve as abdominal binder or back support. Soft flannel lined front has full length adjustable hook 'n pile closure. Three flexible spiral stays prevent rolling.
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