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Knee Braces for Stabilizing the Patella

  Knee Brace replicates knee taping.
Hely Weber Kinetic Patella Stabilizer
Movable dynamic buttress pulls the patella into desired position. Direction of tubular buttress is easily adjustable.
  Lateral J Patella Stabilizer.Directional Pull Stabilizing Knee Support.
Hely Weber Lateral J Patella Stabilizer
Medial and lateral spiral stays limit bunching, while allowing full range of motion. Tubular J buttress with adjustment flap provides directional pull.
Hely Weber Inferior "U" Buttress
Medial and lateral spiral stays limit bunching, while allowing full range of motion. Inferior tubular U buttress provides patella control.
Bio Skin's Patella Stabilizer

Effective for patellar stabilization and treating anterior knee pain. Indications: Sprains and strains, joint swelling, meniscus tear, osteoarthritis, patellar tendonitis.
  Q-Brace by Bioskin
Q-Brace by Bio-Skin

Indications:  Lateral tracking patella, mild knee strains, sprains, joint swelling and joint pain, chondromalacia of patella, sub patellar bursitis, meniscus tear, osteoarthritis, patellar tendonitis.
  Hinged Knee Patella Stabilizer
Hinged Knee / Patella Stabilizer

The Hinged Knee Skin can be worn comfortably all day long due to the seamless popliteal area and the cool, lightweight features. Wearing the Hinged Knee Skin under clothing is not a problem; the low-profile Bio Skin material fits well under jeans.
Pro-Tec Knee Sleeve with Strap
Combines benefits of a patellar tendon support and knee sleeve into one dynamic support. Offers warmth, compression, and support. Alleviates stress and pain in problem knees.
J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer

Features two lateral and two medial spiral steel stays, along with a tubular rubber buttress to align the patella. Laterally attached straps pull medially to displace force to the patella. Allows complete range of motion while providing stability.
Patellar Knee With Fan Stabilizer
Knee brace with four additional straps around the patellar opening that provide additional lateral, medial and patellar stabilization. 1/4" thick DermaDry Material.
  PTO Knee Brace by Breg.
A unique design that not only normalizes patella tracking but also controls knee hyperextension. As the knee moves into extension, the buttress increases its influence to prevent patella subluxation.
  Premium Patella Stabiling Brace by Palumbo
Premium Palumbo for the serious athlete

Easy to apply and use, adaptable to either knee. Aids in the diagnosis and treatment of patellar instability and patellofemoral pain. Permits delay or avoidance or surgery. Prevents subluxation and dislocation of the patella.
  Shields patella stabilizing brace by Hely and Weber.
Shields Patella Stabilizing Brace
Wrap around design allows for easier application, better fit, less migration and decreased sizing needs. Open popliteal design allows for greater comfort during flexion. Successfully controls the common patella malalignments of glide, tilt, and AP tilt.
  GenuZip Knee Bandage by Bort.
GenuZip Knee Bandage by BORT

The zip greatly simplifies fitting and removal of the knee bandage. Patella fixation bandage with integrated silicone ring. For patella instability (luxation tendency).
  Patella Stabilizer by Cho Pat
Patella Stabilizer by Cho-Pat

Our Patellar Stabilizer improves patella tracking resulting in less degeneration, inflammation and pain. While the original Cho-pat Knee Stabilizer is recommended first for kneecap pain, the Patellar Kneecap Stabilizer is recommended for hyper-mobile kneecaps.
  J-Lat knee support by Pro-Tec

The J-Lat provides lateral tracking control by means of two elastic straps. These straps stretch over J shaped tubing and help guide patella into its proper femoral groove. J-Lat improves patellar tracking in cases of lateral patella subluxation and dislocation.

Palumbo Patella Stabilizing Brace

Palumbo Patella Stabilizer
The Palumbo Patella Stabilizing Brace creates a dynamic, medially displacing force to the patella and allows functional activity while providing stability throughout the full range of knee motion. Reduces patello chondromalacia and arthritis by dissipation of forces.

Hely Weber Medial Lateral Buttress

Medial and lateral spiral stays limit bunching, while allowing full range of motion. 13” Nylon covered neoprene offers comfort, heat and compression. Medial lateral tubular buttress effectively controls the patella
  Hinged Knee Wrap by Pro-Tec
Hinged Knee Wrap by PRO-TECŪ

Effective, form fitting support for patellar tracking issues, moderate ligament and meniscus tears, overall knee joint stability and hyperextension.
  Hely Weber Knee Support.
Hely Weber Universal Tubular Buttress
Universal tubular buttress is movable/removable for individualized patient care. Medial and lateral spiral stays limit bunching, while allowing full range of motion.
  Multi Action Knee Strap by McDavid.
McDavid 419 Multi-Action Knee Strap

Helps correct patella tracking and helps relieve pain associated with jumper's or runner's knee and patella pain. Features infinitely adjustable buttresses to customize the knee strap to your needs.
The Lift Patellar Athletic Knee Sleeve

Combines the benefits of a patellar tendon strap and a knee sleeve. The user can control the amount of support they deem necessary by adjusting the elastic patellar tendon strap. An exterior strap stretches over buttress allowing user to control lateral and medial patella tracking as well as pressure on the patella tendon.
  Asymettric Patella Support  by Bort.
Asymmetric Patella Tracking Support by BORT

Provides for individual guiding of patella towards medial and distal by elastic reins. Indications include Patella laterality, patella instability, chondromalacia.
  Longer Knee Brace. Address the knee cap area.
Diamond HD Knee Brace

The Diamond HD Knee Brace is longer than most knee braces to provide more leverage against side-to-side movement. The knee cap opening helps isolate the knee cap and promote positive patellar tracking, and to help reduce pain.
  Univesal Knee Brace with Stays by Palumbo.
Palumbo Universal Knee Brace with Stays

Improves patellar tracking and reduces tensile stresses on the patellar tendon and ligaments. Useful in post-op management for support or in the prevention and treatment of chondromalacia and patellar tendonitis.
  Patello femoral knee brace by Donjoy
Patello-Femoral knee brace

The full tubular donut support sewn into this knee brace offers full-circumference control for patello-femoral disorders.
  Ultra Light Knee Brace.
Diamond UltraLight Knee Brace

The diamond neoprene sleeve offers both compression and support while the patellar opening helps aid in correct patellar tracking. Utilizes a Polyoxymethylene (POM) hinge to replace the standard steel hinges.
  Patella Knee Support by Alex Orthopedic.
Patella Knee Support

Inferior patella pad applies compression on the tendon without restricting or binding. Improves patella tracking while alleviating pain and pressure. Wrap around design for quick and easy application. Fits right or left knee.
  Kinetic Patella Knee Sleeve by Corflex.
Kinetic Posterior Adjustable Knee Sleeve

Indicated for patella subluxation, patello-femoral tracking syndrome, and correction of patella tilt. Available in Sizes
Small thru 4X-Large.
  Osgood Schlatters Knee Support.
Osgood-Schlatter Knee Sleeve

Indicated for treatment of Osgood Schlatter disease and Jumper’s Knee. Features patella pad with circumferential strap to provide compression over affected area.
Available in Sizes
X-Small thru 4X-Large.
  Victory Knee Brace by Corflex.
Victory Knee Brace

Indicated for arthritis, degenerative joint disease, sprains or strains, tendonitis, medial/lateral patella tracking and Osgood Schlatter disease. Multi-dimensional design with interdigitating arms expanding outwardly/reducing inwardly to encompass various knee sizes.
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