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Maternity Supports

During pregnancy stress on the abdominal muscles creates additional strain on the lower back, maternity supports reduce the muscle strain and low back pain commonly experienced while pregnant.

  loving comfort maternity support
Loving Comfort® Maternity Support
Maximum comfort for women with moderate symptoms, the Loving Comfort Maternity Support is made from lightweight ventilated elastic that is cool and feather soft to the skin.
  mother to be
Mother-To-Be Maternity Support

The ultimate maternity support.  Virtually eliminates the low back, leg and abdominal pain common during pregnancy. The patented Mother-To-Be is sized according to pre-pregnancy dress size and will fit throughout her term.
  Soft Form Maternity Support Belt
Soft Form™ Maternity Support Belt
Provides gentle, firm support to help relieve the back and abdominal muscle pains associated with pregnancy. By transferring the weight of the extended abdomen from the front to the back of the spine and over the pelvis, the lordosis is held in its natural curve to help prevent strain.
CMO Breast Binder
Provides gentle support while suppressing lactation. Helps prevent and treat engorgement. Can be used with nursing pads, if desired. The loving comfort breast binder is a welcome alternative to non-stretch fabrics or rolled elastic bandages.
Loving Comfort Postpartum C-section Support
This special binder is light, cool and gentle on the skin. It is perfect for extra support after a C-section or any birth. It can help a woman return to her normal activities - and wardrobe - sooner.
  sacroiliac belt
Maternity Sacroiliac Belt
Constructed of durable canvas with cotton web straps. Contoured elastic panel conforms to natural contour of stomach. Hook and loop closure with two 2" wide expansion straps. 8" and 15" length straps accommodate growth during pregnancy.
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