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Knitted Knee Supports

  Cartilage knee support by Donjoy for post-arthroscopic knee surgery.
Cartilage Knee Support

For support following arthroscopic surgery, a built-in inverted horseshoe foam pad provides anterior knee compression.  Medial/lateral stays offer additional stability.
  Asymettric Patella Support  by Bort.
Asymmetric Patella Tracking Support by BORT

Provides for individual guiding of patella towards medial and distal by elastic reins. Indications include Patella laterality, patella instability, chondromalacia.
  GenuZip Knee Bandage by Bort.
GenuZip Knee Bandage by BORT

The zip greatly simplifies fitting and removal of the knee bandage. Patella fixation bandage with integrated silicone ring. With padding for the hollow of the knee to provide optimal wearing comfort.
  Hi-Performance Knit Knee Support.
Hi-Performance Knit Knee Support by BREG

The Hi-Performance Knit Support features 3-dimensional knitting for a breathable, comfortable fit and even compression. The knee support also includes metal stays and a contoured silicone patella donut for additional support and stabilization.
  Knitted Dynamic Knee Compression Sleeve by Cho-Pat.
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Dynamic Knee Sleeve by Cho-Pat

Cho-Pat’s Knitted Dynamic Knee Compression Sleeve is a comfortable, lightweight, knitted knee support that combines warmth, compression, and support to help reduce pain and discomfort of the knee and promote healing.
  Cartilage Knee Sleeve Brace.
Cartilage Knee Sleeve with Horseshoe Buttress

Horseshoe buttress pad helps maintain knee in proper position. Beige knitted elastic open patella knee brace with horseshoe shaped patella pad.
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