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  Bunion Protector by Silipos
Bunion Protector
Affix a gel dot onto this spoon-shaped foam protector to give your bunion instant relief by softly cushioning the bunion from the hard surface of the shoe.
Toe Cap
Designed for nail problems, hammer toes, over- or under-lapping digits, keratotic lesions, or partially amputated digits. Fully coated with Silipos® proprietary polymer gel.
  All Gel Digital Toe Caps by Silipos.
All Gel Digital Toe Caps by Silipos
Ideal for easing pressure and friction caused by corns, blisters, calluses, hammertoes, and in-grown nails.
  Toe Alignment Splint
Toe Hold® Toe Alignment Splint

Maintains the hallux in any corrective plane the physician desires (neutral, adducted, varus, dorsiflexed or plantarflexed position). With a fractured hallux or turf toe, the Toe Hold® provides comfortable compression and support.
  Valco Hallux Valgus Splint by BORT.
Valco® Hallux Valgus Splint by BORT

Without correction, the big toe will not be able to return to its natural position any more. The anatomical shape of the BORT Valco® gives the basic joint of the big toe the right position for correction.
  hallux valgus splint
Comfor™ Hallux Valgus Splint

Provides adjustable varus-galgus positioning control to maintain ideal hallux and metatarsophalangeal alignment. Completely immobilizes the hallux for uninterrupted healing.
  bunion splint
Bunion Splint

Maintains ideal hallux positioning and constant metatarsophalangeal alignment to speed healing and prevent deformity recurrence. Adjustable hallux positioning.
  toe crest pad
Toe Crest Pad

Helps relieve forefoot pain and stress on hammer or claw toes. Helps reduce toe tip irritation and increase propulsive involvement of the toes during gait.
  Toe Stretcher.
Toe Stretcher by Pro-Tec

May help alleviate conditions of bunions and metatarsalgia (pain in the metatarsal region of the foot) caused by repetitive strain or excessive running.
  Diabetic Foot Sock.
Soft Sock by Silipos
Two-layer sock with a proprietary gel pad molded in between the two fabric layers to absorb and reduce friction, abrasion, shear forces, and moisture away from the foot. Recommended for the diabetic, rheumatoid,  insensitive foot and fat pad atrophy.
  Gel-e-roll elastic bandage
Gel-e-roll Elastic Bandage
Coated with Silipos® proprietary gel to protect the skin from friction, abrasion and pressure. The medical grade mineral oil released from the gel onto the skin also helps to soften dry skin and to reduce scar tissue.
  Budin toe splint
Budin Toe Splint

Helps align overlapping digits and encourage extension of flexible hammer or claw toes during gait. Helps reduce toe tip pressure and irritation. Effective following surgical correction of toes or metatarsals.
  Toe and Finger Spreader by Silipos
Toe and Finger Spreader
Placed between toes or fingers to protect and reduce friction, abrasion and irritation between adjacent or overlapping toes or fingers. Made of Silipos® proprietary gel.
  Digital-Pad by Silipos for corn pads
Digital-Pad for Corn Pads
Releases a high grade mineral oil onto the hard skin to help soften and remove corns in a most comfortable way. It is ideal to help relieve pain on a toe or finger affected by corns, blebs, blisters, hammertoes, calluses and digital traumas.
  Silopad metatarsal gel pad for foot pain relief.
Ball of foot pad
Silipos® proprietary gel pad is an excellent cushion to help relieve the burning sensation and discomfort of the five metatarsal heads of the foot (ball-of-foot) by it from repeated friction and abrasion with the shoes.
  toe caps
Toe Caps

Helps reduce pressure, friction and irritation between toes. Provides protection for joints and nails. Provides extra padding for distal corns.
  For friction induced lesions such as blisters, corns, or calluses
SILOPAD™ Pressure Sensitive Dots
Specifically for the treatment of pressure or friction induced lesions such as blisters, corns, calluses or pressure points.
  Helps Soften and Remove Corns.
DigiStrip by Silipos

Helps soften and remove corns in a most comfortable way. They are ideal for helping relieve pain on a toe or finger affected by corns, blebs, blisters, hammertoes, calluses and digital traumas.
  Toe separator
Toe Separator
Enriched with a medical grade mineral oil (USP), placed between toes or fingers to moisturize, soften, protect, and cushion the painful spot from abrasion and friction with adjacent toe or finger.
  Ideal for corns, blisters, nail bed injuries and calluses.
Digipad Strip by Silipos

Ideal for corns, blisters, nail bed injuries and calluses. The gel cushions and protects providing relief from shear and abrasive forces. Available in 3 sizes with 2 strips per package that are approximately 24”long to accommodate all digits.
  Bunion Splint.
Bunion Splint by Corflex

Indicated for post-operative alignment following hallux valgus surgery. Designed to provide comfortable immobilization and alignment of the hallux.
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