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 Shoulder Supports

  the sully shoulder stabilizer
The Sully™ Shoulder Stabilizer
Can functionally stabilize, assist or restrict movement according to the specific needs of each application. The Sully Shoulder Support can be worn while participating in sports.
  Shoulder Support by McDavid.

McDavid Shoulder Support

Adjustable shoulder support is ideal for symptomatic relief of sprains, strains, bursitis and tendonitis. Features pockets over the AC joint for an ice pack, a hot or cold pack, or extra padding.
  Breg shoulder pillow.
Shoulder Abduction Pillow
The BREG Shoulder Abduction Pillow is designed with an inflatable bladder to provide varying degrees of abduction (10 degrees-75 degrees). When the pillow is inflated, the arm straps can be applied to limit posterior shift of the shoulder.
  Arm Sling.
Adjustable Arm Sling
A padded thumb rest is located on both sides of the arm panel, making the sling completely universal. Indications: Sub-Acromial Decompressions (SADs), and Global Shoulder Instability.
Breg™ Slingshot

The Slingshot is the first true universal arm and shoulder immobilizer that allows 10 to 15 degrees of abduction. The Breg™ Slingshot provides immobilization for bankhart repairs, rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts and other shoulder instabilities. The Slingshot is easy to apply and is completely universal.
  Shoulder Cryo Cuff by Aircast
Shoulder CryoCuff
Aircast Cryo/Cuff system applies controlled "safe compression" to minimize hemarthrosis and swelling, and cold to minimize pain.
Otto Bock Shoulder Support

This elastic shoulder support made of 1/8" Thermoprene™ with an excellent fit.  It provides warmth, support and pain relief to the shoulder joint and is available in both left and right designs.
BREG Shoulder Stabilizer

Functional shoulder brace offers exceptional support without sacrificing function. It is indicated for stabilization of shoulder dislocations, subluxations and global shoulder instabilities.
  Simply Stable Shoulder Stabilizer
Simply Stable Shoulder Stabilizer

Attaches to the firm base of the athlete's shoulder pads in place of the vests, torso girdles and waist belts found in other devices. The SS shoulder stabilizer is able to eliminate the performance limitations and bulkiness often associated with shoulder stabilizers.
  Simply Stable Shoulder Harness
Simply Stable Shoulder Harness

Stabilizing system for non-contact and light contact sports applications. Designed with a minimum of chest wall restriction and its open design allows for good air circulation and maximum comfort.
  Hely Weber Knapp Sak II.
Knapp Sak II by Hely Weber
Maintains shoulder in neutral position allowing approximately 30 degrees of shoulder abduction. Prevents excessive internal rotation of the shoulder. Relieves tension from the repaired rotator cuff tendon (primarily the supraspinatus).
  Dura Soft Cold Therapy Shoulder Wrap by Donjoy.
Dura Soft Cold Therapy Shoulder Wrap by Donjoy
Two ice inserts contain purified water with a non-toxic soft gel providing form-fitting coverage. Provides continuous cold therapy for acute, chronic, or post-surgical applications. Cryotherapy can reduce pain, swelling and facilitate faster rehabilitation.
  Sully AC Shoulder Protector.
Sully AC Shoulder Protector
The breathable, hook-sensitive neoprene shoulder vest grips the skin to allow precise placement of the donut-shaped foam pad. The hard-shelled foam pad helps protect the AC joint from further injury.
Keeps Athletes in the Game!

ProTec IceUp. Portable Ice Massager.
Portable Ice Massager IceUp by ProTec
Portable carry cooler keeps Ice-Up frozen for 10 hours. Quick deep tissue relief for ligament, tendon and muscular injuries. Immediate ice massage increases treatment effectiveness to speed recovery.

  Med Specialties Shoulder Immobilizer.
Shoulder Immobilizer by Medical Specialties
Soft padded shoulder strap comfortably distributes weight on healthy shoulder. Soft padded waist strap restricts abduction and external rotation of the shoulder. Bilateral design fits right or left shoulder.
  Hemi Sling for Hemi-Paresis/Paralysis.
Hemi Sling by Medical Specialties
This sling is ideal for patients suffering from Hemi-Paresis/Paralysis of the upper extremities. Designed to eliminate weight on the neck while effectively supporting the hand and elbow.
  Vector Abducted Shoulder Sling.
Vector Abducted Shoulder Sling
Offers superior comfort and stability for the shoulder while providing immobilization. Allows 15 degrees of abduction. Indicated for rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts, bankhart repairs, glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation.
  Large Ice Wrap by McDavid.
Shoulder and Back Ice Wrap by McDavid
Provides adjustable and graduated compression in combination with ice or hot water for heat therapy. Ideal for back and shoulder. Includes an 11" diameter ice bag. The neoprene wrap provides insulation to maintain the desired temperature longer.
  Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer by Procare.
Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer by Procare
For treatment of traumatic or post-surgical shoulder immobilization. Adjustable humeral cuff also available on one style. Available in pediatric or adult models. Fits right or left and may be worn without shoulder strap. Ideal for treatment of traumatic or post-surgical immobilization.
  Shoulder Abduction Kit by Procare.
Shoulder Abduction Kit by Procare
Large comfortable pillow provides abduction where required (45 or 60) to provide post-injury or post-surgical support of the arm and shoulder. Allows the shoulder and arm to remain in a neutral position. Quality foam/nylon construction, universal design to fit most patients.
  Breg Slingshot 2.
Breg™ SlingShot 2

The SlingShot 2 is a comfortable sling and abduction pillow that holds patients in internal rotation and abduction.
  McDavid Lightweight Shoulder Support.
Lightweight Shoulder Support by McDavid

Lightweight Shoulder Support helps relieve pain caused by shoulder pulls and strains. The adjustable straps help to apply compression directly to the shoulder.
  Shoulder Abduction Pillow Device by DeRoyal.
Shoulder P.A.D. II by DeRoyal

Indications include shoulder sprains and strains, acute shoulder instability, surgical repair of the rotator cuff, and bankart repairs. Stress ball included to encourage exercise and proper circulation.
  Neutral Wedge Arm Sling by BREG.
Neutral Wedge Arm Sling by Breg™

Positions the arm in a natural state of external rotation, while adding the necessary tension to the anterior capsule following anterior shoulder dislocations or Bankart lesions, thereby reducing the recurrence of future injuries.
  Arm Immobilizer by Aircast.
Arm Immobilizer by Aircast

Available with or without an Abduction Pillow the Arm Immobilizer provides secure, comfortable arm and shoulder support for injuries and a variety of pre- and post-op indications involving the shoulder, elbow, proximal or mid humerus, and wrist.
  B-Cool Super Sling
Shoulder Abduction Support with Exercise Ball

For support and abduction after rotator cuff repair. Features flow through ventilation mesh fabric for greatest comfort. Removable positioning pillow allows for abduction. Thumb loop to prevent wrist drop.
  Shoulder Sling & Swathe by Hely Weber.
Shoulder Sling and Swathe by Hely Weber

Straps attach anywhere on the sling, in a manner that supports the forearm. Sling is large enough to support the hand. Swathe can be positioned for men and women. Buckles are easy to use one handed for adjusting length of the strap.
Reinforced Shoulder Brace

This elastic shoulder brace has two reinforced elastic straps on upper arm to provide extra support for the shoulders. Allows patient to gradually return to full range of motion. Indications are: shoulder instability, rotator cuff tendinitis, and bursitis.
  super sling for rotator cuff injuries

Super Sling

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