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Heel Pads and Supports For Heel Pain and Sore Heels

  Ideal for running/jumping, walking/hiking or activities requiring long periods on your feet.
McDavid 650 Heel Cups
Ideal for running/jumping, walking/hiking or activities requiring long periods on your feet. Features a viscoelastic gel that absorbs shock providing relief of heel pain from repetitive foot to ground contact.
Heel Hugger™
For heel pain. Therapeutic heel stabilizer with sealed ice. Provides treatment for plantar fasciitis, narrow heels, achilles tendonidtis, heel contusions, blisters and more!
  Planter faciitis pain, heel spurs.
WonderZorb, Click Here!
Blue Dot
Ideal for Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, knee and back pain.
Red Dot
Ideal for Bursitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and Plantar Fasciitis.
Green Dot
Ideal for Metatarsalgia, Bursitis and Elongated Metatarsals.

Made from a clear medical grade silicone for extra comfort, WonderZorb Cushions absorb the foot shock forces that can aggravate pain and discomfort with every step. Contouring to cradle the foot, these technologically advanced cushions feature a softer silicone dot to provide maximum pain relief where it’s needed most.

  SILOPAD Heel/Elbow Slipover
SILOPAD™  Heel/Elbow Slipover

Product is a sleeve made with a stretchable cotton/nylon fabric and a SiliposŪ proprietary gel cushion which is designed to contour around the heel or the elbow to protect the heel or elbow from pressure, friction, and shear forces.
  Tulis RoadRunners
Tulis Road Runners™
The built-in arch stabilizer provides support for greater stability. In addition Tuli's Stay Fresh Fabric is made with bacteria and fungus inhibitors which reduce unwanted odors.
Tuli's Pro Heel Cups

Tuli's Double-Ribbed Pro heel cups are the most advanced shock absorbing heel cups available today. Perfect for sports activities.
Tuli's Standard Heel Cups

Tuli's New Double-Ribbed Standard heel cups provide relief from the everyday pain of heel strike. Standard Heel Cups will help prevent sore heels and knees, shin splints and heel spurs.
Tuli's Gel Heel Cups
The unique character of TuliGEL, combined with our patented waffle design, provides the ultimate in shock and absorption.
Tuli's Semi-Rigid heel Cups

Tuli's Semi-Rigid heel cups provide a lift along with maximum lateral stability. Great for skiers, skaters and rollerbladers. Helps prevent and correct pronation in adults and children.
Tuli's Heel Fatigue Mats

TuliGEL Heel Fatigue Mats are the ideal protection when a low-profile shock absorber is needed. Slipping smoothly into the heel of your shoe TuliGEL heel fatigue mats have the same protective design as Tuli's Heel cups.
Tuli's Cheetahs

At last, shock absorption and ankle support in one lightweight unit. Cheetahs are a dynamic and revolutionary new combination of shock absorption and lightweight neoprene support. Cheetahs are ideal for athletes, gymnasts, or anyone who works or plays on their feet.
  Quags (Heel Cushions) maximum shock protection
Quags for the heel
For Heel Pain, Sever's Disease, Calcaneal Apophysitis, or Fat Pad Atrophy.
  SILOPAD™ Achilles Heel Pad
Achilles Heel Pad

This product is ideal for Achilles Tendonitis, Bursitis, Heel Prominence, Haglund Deformity, Pump Bumps, and keratotic lesions.  It is fully hand-washable and reusable.
  Low Profile Heel Cushions by Silipos.
Low Profile Heel Cushions by Silipos
A soft silicone heel cushion with shock pattern to cushion and diffuse weight. Use with the grid down for maximum shock absorption. Or use with grid up for maximum shear absorption and massaging effect.
  Ankle Cryo Cuff by Aircast

Ankle CryoCuff
Aircast Cryo/Cuff system applies controlled "safe compression" to minimize hemarthrosis and swelling, and cold to minimize pain. Its simplicity makes it ideal for the ER, post-op, training room and home.

  Elbow and Heel Protector.
Cradle-Lite Heel and Elbow Protector

Helps eliminate shearing and constriction. Comfor foam inner pad maximizes skin aeration and minimizes pressure. No irritating straps or ties. Comfortable circular knit sleeve for heel or elbow.
  Soft Skin Heel Sleeve by Silipos.
Soft Skin Heel Sleeve
Gradually dissipates a high grade mineral oil to moisturize, soften, soothe, and rejuvenate dry and hard skin at the heel while protecting the heel from friction, abrasion and pressure..
  Air Heel by Aircast for Achilles Tendonitis.
AirHeel for Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis by Aircast

The AirHeel™ is specifically designed to treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and heel pain. Using two interconnected aircells located under the foot arch and in back of the heel, the AirHeel applies pulsating compression with every step to help reduce swelling and discomfort, and enhance circulation.

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