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Bio Skin's "Q" Brace

  Bio Skin's "Q" Brace  

Bio Skin  ... The next generation of sports support Material.   The only sports support that fits like skin.

Controlling the patella is the biggest challenge when dealing with patella femoral dysfunction. The "Q" (Quadrant) Brace gives you one more tool in the rehab program. This multifunctional dynamic brace not only offers multi-directional pressure to the patella for tracking problems, but also works to treat patella tilt.

T-Strap  for Bio Skin "Q" brace

Attaching the "T-Strap" to the lateral point of the patella and securing the ends medially gives a wide variety of medial patella tracking pulls.




Indications:  lateral tracking patella, lateral subluxing patella, mild strains, sprains, joint swelling and joint pain, chondromalacia of patella, contusion, effusion, infrapatellar, sub patellar bursitis, meniscus tear, osteoarthritis, patellar tendonitis, Pes Anserine tendonitis.

Size Circumference mid knee Front Closure Sleeve
X-Small 12" - 13" BS-51630 BS-41610
Small 13" - 14" BS-51631 BS-41611
Medium 14" - 16" BS-51632 BS-41612
Large 16" - 17" BS-51633 BS-41613
X-Large 17" - 19" BS-51634 BS-41614
XX-Large 19" - 21" BS-51635 BS-41615

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