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GenuTrain S Knee Support by Bauerfeind

The active knee support for Medial / Lateral ligament injuries

  • GenuTrain S is an active support with lateral sidebars.

  • GenuTrain S stabilizes the knee without affecting its function.

  • Direct connection between the non-elastic straps and the anatomically contoured joint bars facilitates optimal stabilization of the knee.

  • The unique anatomically contoured knitted material assists proprioception and leads to improved muscle stabilization.

  • The circular viscoelastic insert redistributes the pressure from the patella to the surrounding soft tissues.

The joint bars are inserted in a guide channel, which also provides added protection for the knee.

The new lateral sidebars are:

  • made from a very light and stable high-tech plastic

  • anatomically contoured and available in right and left versions

  • thermoplastic and shapeable.




More GenuTrain S Features

  • The targeted pressure exerted by this insert produces intermittent compression during movement, resulting in improved local tissue metabolism and thus the reabsorption of edema, effusions and hematomas.

  • Thanks to the insert, the active support can be securely positioned without difficulty.

  • Soft, breathable knitted material, particularly at the back of the knee, means the support is extremely comfortable to wear.

GenuTrain S Indications

  • Slight instability
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Arthritis ( rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Medial/lateral ligament injury
Bauerfeind Genutrain measuring instructions
Points of measurement:
1. Circumference at 6 inches
      below the center of the knee.

2. Circumference at 6 inches
      above the center of the knee.

Sizes Measurement
1 11 - 12 15 - 16
2 12 - 13 16 - 17
3 13 - 14 17 - 19
4 14   -15 19 - 20
5 15  - 17 20 - 21
6 17 - 18 21 - 22
* Denotes Color
*1-Nature *7-Black *8-Titanium

Left or Right:

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