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Aircast Arm Immobilizer

Arm and shoulder support for injuries involving the shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

  Arm Immobilizer by Aircast.  

Available with or without an Abduction Pillow the Arm Immobilizer provides secure, comfortable arm and shoulder support for injuries and a variety of pre- and post-op indications involving the shoulder, elbow, proximal or mid humerus, and wrist. The innovative adjustable tri-strap design (back strap, shoulder strap, and under-arm strap) provides a customized fit and restrict posterior arm mobility and off-loads pressure from the neck area helping to reduce pain. The Abduction Pillow positions the arm at a 15 degree angle and is indicated for rotator cuff or Bankart repairs.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Innovative underarm strap design limits posterior arm mobility to help reduce shoulder pain.
  • Supportive shoulder strap helps minimize stress to neck while securely supporting arm.
  • Durable mesh fabric is breathable to maximize support and comfort.
  • Designed for left or right arm for ease of use and reduced inventory requirements.
  • Abduction Pillow available for angled arm support to help promote healing.


  • Proximal humerus, AC joint, or clavicle fractures in acceptable position.
  • Reduced shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff or bicep injuries.
  • Post-op and injuries about the shoulder girdle for which immobilization is appropriate.
Sizing for the Arm Immobilizer by AirCast
Measure arm length from elbow to ulnar styloid.
Fits Left or Right Arm.
Size and Description Arm Length Item # Price
Medium (Sling Only) up to 10" AC-06GM $24.99
Large (Sling Only) 10" and up AC-06GL $24.99
Medium (with abduction pillow) up to 10" AC-06GMA $69.99
Large (with abduction pillow) 9" and up AC-06GLA $69.99

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